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Have you heard about my new referral program?

Have you heard about my new referral program?

Get Rewarded and your friends get great memories captured for a lifetime.

Raise your hand if you love TARGET as much as me! There is no other store where I can walk through the doors and instantly forget what I went in there for, haha. Oh yeah!....QTips… $80 Later!

Well fellow Target Lovers I have some good news! Since I love and appreciate my clients so much, starting this month for every 3 new clients booked that you refer, I will send you a $25 Target Gift card as a THANK YOU! The majority of my client base is attained through client referrals and I am so grateful for each and every one that I wanted to figure out a way to say thank you!

To share the love and get rewarded, make sure your friends/new clients share your name in their booking questionnaire in the “how did you hear about me” section. That’s it super simple. There is no limit of referral rewards, so don’t keep me a secret!

I hope you are all as excited about this new program as I am!


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