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New Headshots

A couple of Sundays ago we decided to go out to Virginia Beach for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day. Since getting dressed cute was part of the plan, I talked the hubby into shooting some new headshots for me before lunch. Two birds, one stone! Life has been so busy lately, I figured we had to squeeze it in when we could.

Truth be told I am not a fan of being in front of the camera, I much prefer to be behind it, LOL. I love making my clients feel at ease and making sure they know how great they look. Lucky for me my “photographer” aka my hubby did the same. I gave him a quick photography lesson and I helped him with the technical stuff and together we got some great shots.

We went on to have a wonderful lunch and day, celebrating one of my favorite people, who even on his special day is still happy to help and support me. I really am a Lucky Girl!


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